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    RSI Kid & Pet
   Shower Curtain Program





The RSI Kid & Pet Shower Curtain Program, like most of our programs, takes a simple idea and brings it to reality. What happens when your little one (either 2 legs or 4) needs a bath. Usually there is water splashing which more times than not winds up on the floor and on you as the parent.

The RSI Kid & Pet Shower curtain helps to keep the water in the tub where it belongs. With a patented design this simple but effect design allows for water to remain in the tub and the parent dry.

With over 500 patterns to choose from, the selection offered in one that will surely fit into any bathroom design.


  • Multi-purpose shower curtain
  • Reduces splashing and flooding
  • Fun & Safe for Children and Pets
  • Functional for adults
  • Easy close system
  • Magnetic weighted bottom to keep tight
  • Various design & color options
  • Patterns shown for reference only






The Monticello Greenhouse Program has been features on the ABC Television show:





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