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    GENESIS Drip Irrigation Kits   





The GENESIS Drip Irrigation kits are designed to conserve water while ensuring that your crop will live through the warmest weather. With 8 kits to choose from there is a kit that will meet your needs. Most kits can be expanded on and produce a manageable solution to growing crops where the leaves of the plant cannot get wet due to mold or a general sprinkler system should not be used due to electrical equipment in the vicinity.

The GENESIS Drip Irrigation Kits offer a great alternative to all gardeners at all levels and with the addition of our commercial programmable timer, the worry of plant dehydration when traveling is not an issue any longer

  • Self contained drip irrigation kits for both indoor and outdoor gardening
  • Prevents erosion and promotes water conservation
  • Most drippers drip at a rate of .33 gallons per hour
  • Optional Commercial timer allows for hassle free watering
  • Easy to Install
  • Some kits also include misters
  • Drip Ní Roll includes hose reel
  • Specific Kits for:
    - Greenhouses
    - Large area planters
    - Small Area planters
    - Backyard gardening
    - Shrubs & Landscaping






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