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Genesis Fabric Garden Beds







The Genesis Fabric Garden Bed Program takes advantage of a space aged spun fiber material that is stronger than conventional woven and knitted materials allowing for great strength and durability over time. The UV stable material will not break down and is amazingly strong.

Designed for urban gardeners who want to maximize space while keeping their gardening habits portable, the Genesis Fabric Garden Beds allow for complete versatility while assuring that root will not pass through the material which is a common issue with other fabric garden beds.

The shape of the Genesis starts out square but over time as the pressure of the soil pushed out, the shape becomes round.

Genesis Garden Bed Benefits:

• Will not rot
• Easily relocated
• Will not allow roots to grow out of the bag
• Less weeds
• Better Water Retention
• 100% Control of what soil is nourishing your crops
• Better Drainage
• More condensed garden
• No soil compaction
• No soil Erosion
• Warmer soil earlier in the season promoting longer growing season
• Elimination of moles, voles, and gophers in your garden


• Constructed from space age spun material
• Just unfold and fill with soil and your set to garden
• Available in multiple sizes


• 18 in (round) x 12 in tall
• 24 in (round) x 12 in tall
• 36 in (round) x 12 in tall
• 48 in (round) x 12 in tall






The Monticello Greenhouse Program has been features on the ABC Television show:





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