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Eden Raised Garden Bed System:

The Eden Raised Garden Bed Program from Riverstone Industries make gardening simpler and easier for DIY gardeners looking for an attractive and functional alternative to in ground gardening.

Constructed from solid rot resistant FIR wood and easily assembled, most designs require NO TOOLS, and assemble in minutes. Some models also include a trellis. The solid wood enables the creation of a beautiful finish with stain or paint.

Easily stackable and expandable, the EDEN Raised Garden Bed will grow with your as your gardening needs grow.

The Eden Garden Bed System is available in many sizes and configurations. From our standard 4 ft x 4ft to our 4ft x 8 ft garden beds allow for complete customization by the gardener to meet their needs.
The Eden Pyramid/ Waterfall Garden Bed allows for maximum growing in a small area enabling both deep rooted plants to be mixes with shallow rooted plants. Being extremely versatile allowing for each of the 3 beds to be configured in the most flexible ways.

The Eden Raised Garden Table line allows gardening with all the benefits of a traditional garden bed on the ground but the benefit of gardening while sitting in a chair. The Eden Rasied Garden Tables allow for minimal bending and will last for years. In cooler months add the optional cover to keep the warmth in and the cool air out, expanding the growing season. (See also Eden Raised mini greenhouses & Herb gardens.


  • Made from Solid Fir Wood (Non-rotting)

  • Assembly under in minutes

  • Ability to be stained or painted to match exterior setting

  • Available in multiple sizes

  • Bio-degradable when the time comes this unit can be recycled

  • Available Trellis on select models

  • Designed and Engineered in USA

Benefits of growing in a raised garden bed:

  • Less weeds

  • Better Water Retention

  • 100% Control of what soil is nourishing your crops

  • Better Drainage

  • Less Bending over to garden

  • More condensed garden

  • No soil compaction

  • No soil Erosion

  • Warmer soil earlier in the season promoting longer growing season

  • Elimination of moles, voles, and gophers in your garden

Benefits of growing with a trellis:

  • Less disease and fungus on leaves

  • Better access to sunlight

  • Less expire to soil pathogens

  • Climbing varieties of vegetables tend to taste better

  • Easier to harvest

  • Space savings

  • More growing room




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